Enriching Self Care™

Mend Mind Care™ stands with the forefront of advanced health protocols, co-founded by Dr. Rickard Elmore, offering unparalleled solutions for human well-being.


Our proprietary process patent pending and protocols, Hi™ (Health Improvement), exemplifies the pinnacle of our Advanced Intelligence Technologies™.


Developed in collaboration with BridgeWell Technologies™ and supported by The BridgeWell Trust™;  Hi™ is designed to deliver immediate and lasting improvements in health, marked by a unique and uplifting experience.


Unlike conventional treatments that often leave patients feeling worse before they feel better, our approach guarantees a positive and transformative journey from the outset. Imagine a procedure that not only addresses your health needs but also brings a sense of joy and lightness—yes, even giggles—during the process.


This is the hallmark of Hi™ and evolving us ahead from traditional methods that can be cumbersome and uncomfortable.


Mend Mind Care™ integrates  biological, psychological, and behavioral insights to create personalized health care plans tailored to each individual’s unique needs.


Our comprehensive Transformational Assessment™ ensures that every aspect of a person’s health is considered, leading to optimized cognitive and physical well-being.


Investing in Mend Mind Care™ means investing in the future of health care—where advanced intelligence meets compassionate care.


With our innovative technologies, experienced professionals, and unwavering commitment to enhancing human health, we are leaders in Homosapien evolution.


Join us in revolutionizing health care and become a part of the Mend Mind Care™ legacy.


For a Personal Care™ investment, you are not just buying into your Wealth Care™; you are embracing a visionary approach that promises to redefine how we achieve and maintain optimal health and like we say What Skin are you wEar ING (Financial Hear Me Wearing you Fox) 

And remember if any one says life is easy let them know its worth more to learn about what to wear hear and eat then to fuCKe around and find out on your own cause they are lying life is hard and you need to know your protection HOE™ (Health Over Everything)




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